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Our Customer's Success Defines our Company Success

At win-OMT, we fully understand that our clients must be successful for us to enjoy success. More importantly, as their software solutions provider for radio automation and digital logging, we are committed in our role in assisting our clients with their station operation.

win-OMT's business model is based on our key principles:

  • Customer Delight
    • The win-OMT team works hard to ensure that our client's interactions with win-OMT are both personal in approach and exceed their expectations.
  • Advanced Products
    • Through continuous investment, win-OMT's products offer features, capabilities and user interfaces that align with our client's needs - and are defined by our client's feedback.
  • Pre-Sale and Full-Lifetime Client Commitment
    • win-OMT's commitment starts with our first introduction and remains strong throughout our long term client relationships. We consider our clients as our business partners.
  • Competitive Responsiveness
    • Competition benefits our clients. win-OMT is proud of our commitment to beat our competition for our client business – on responsiveness, product features, price, ongoing support and in our overall relationship.


Our clients include many of the highest-rated radio broadcast stations in North America and internationally.

Below are just some of the broadcasters that have partnered with win-OMT to support their radio operations.


cbs radio
cleaveland cavaliers
wabc newsradio
saga communications
Entravision Communications
music choice
galaxy communications
i heart radio
mbs radio
blackburn radio
Univision Radio
hispanic broadcasting corporation
mid-west family
forever media
multicultural radio broadcasting
public radio international

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